Jotron offers communication systems for a wide range of vessels, oil and gas platforms and the energy market. All products have been carefully designed and manufactured for harsh maritime and offshore environments.

Maritime safety communication

Reliable communication systems that will perform in any situation, any environment and under any condition

Individuals on all kind of vessels and offshore installations, count on and benefit daily from reliable and certified maritime safety communication products and systems supplied by Jotron. Jotron has contributed to the enhancement of maritime safety communication for more than 55 years. Their technology is in use worldwide on merchant ships, fishing vessels, tug boats and offshore supply vessels, as well as various navy vessels. Jotron has a global network of partners which contribute to sales, service and maintenance. These partners are ready to support all Jotron customers from a local fisherman to a ship owner with a globally operated fleet of vessels. Jotron is well versed with regards to the safety communication requirements within this market, and complies with all international standards and regulations.

Maritime safety communication – search and rescue services

In 1970 Jotron developed and installed the world’s first Distress Radio Beacon on board a ship. Today, Jotron is a world leading manufacturer of high quality EPIRBs that comply with all international regulations to meet the demands of the commercial fishing, leisure, marine and offshore industries. Jotron SARTs (search and rescue radar transponder) are designed for use in search and rescue operations. This radio device identifies the exact location of the distress, indicated on the radar X-band display of any nearby ships, aircrafts and SAR vessels. Since 2004, Jotron has produced Automatic Identification System (AIS) which sends ship information to other ships and to shore. In 2019, Jotron launched the world’s only emergency VHF AM handheld radio, designed and approved according to the IMO MSC.80(70).

See and be seen at sea and onshore

Jotron’s portfolio includes high quality multi-purpose marking- and distress strobe lights. Marking lights offer a wide range of use, including highlighting fishing equipment, fish farms, cables, anchor chains and offshore installations.

Jotron GMDSS, AIS and light products

June 2023 – Jotron AS acquires Skipper Electronics AS, manufacturer of IMO wheelmarked echo sounders and speed logs for navigation. Visit webpage: Jotron Skipper

Jotron GMDSS products and automatic identification system (AIS)

The Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) is an international system which uses improved terrestrial and satellite technology and ship-board radio systems. It ensures rapid alerting of shore-based rescue and communications authorities in the event of an emergency.  An EPIRB is used to alert search and rescue services in the event of an emergency. Jotron’s high quality EPIRBs conform to current international regulations and meet the demands of the commercial, marine, fishing, offshore and leisure industries.

Jotron SART is designed for use in search and rescue operations and gives the exact location of the distressed indicated on the radar X-band display of any nearby ships, SAR vessels and aircrafts. Jotron AIS- SART are programmed from the manufacturer with a unique ID code and transmit its position via an internal GPS antenna. This data is combined and transmitted using the international AIS channels (AIS A and AIS B) in the maritime VHF band.

Jotron’s GMDSS and Maritime VHF Radio meets all the requirements of the IMO for carriage on SOLAS vessels. This floating radio is the perfect choice, both in emergency situations and in general on-board communications. The radio switches automatically between standard simplex and duplex maritime channels, and 21 emergency simplex channels depending on which battery – emergency or chargeable – is connected.

Jotron have since 2004 produced Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS is a broadcast communication system operating in the VHF maritime band, capable of sending ship information to other ships and to shore.




Jotron GMDSS, AIS and light products


Jotron’s marking lights are specially designed for safe marking of fish farms. In addition to fishing nets and long line equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains or moorings and oil cables are other floating or submersible objects that need lighting. The lights have high intensity LEDs with programmable intensity, flash rate, synchronization and daylight switch.

AQ-4 MkII, is Jotron’s high quality multipurpose marking and distress personal strobe light. This strobe light has a manually activated two-way switch for flash or fixed light. It is waterproof down to 500 meters and designed for use in extreme rough maritime and onshore environments. Fire-fighters, military personnel, crew on-board vessels and search and rescue personnel are among the users. The light is also suitable for outdoor activities, such as hiking and diving.

Jotron marking and strobe lights

Jotron GMDSS, AIS and light products 

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