Jotron offers high performance VHF and UHF radios and recorder systems for civil and military air traffic control, and coastal and offshore air traffic communication.

VHF and UHF radios and recorder systems for Air Traffic Control (ATC)

Designed to surpass today’s demanding standards for audio communications

Jotron entered the ATC market in 1974 and has established itself as the provider of choice for modern air traffic control systems. Although the originally intent of these Jotron products was for use at airports, Jotron has gained additional customers including, civil and military aviation authorities, airport operators, airlines, coastal stations, and offshore and onshore oil and gas companies globally. Operating within several markets, and offering a large portfolio of  high-performance VHF and UHF band radios, Jotron manufactures both standard and customized solutions.  A large benefit of the Jotron  remote access control and monitoring of radios allow operators to not only save time, but also reduce on-site costs.

Flexible communication technology for an increasing number of markets

In addition to a full range of VHF and UHF base station radios, Jotron also offers a mobile versatile VHF AM transceiver. This radio is designed for applications where ground-to-air communication is essential, but remote control of the radio is not required. Often used by ground services at airports, vehicle installations and for portable emergency purposes. This transceiver is also available in a compliant version with marine standard approvals. This Jotron offshore transceiver is used at offshore installations and helidecks.

Record and replay for reconstruction and analyzes of critical air traffic situations

Ricochet is a world-leading recorder system developed specifically for the air traffic control and marine markets. This recorder can be fully integrated with any Jotron radio.  By instant synchronous replay access and integrated replay, the operators can reproduce any scenario in the event an incident should occur. The system can identify the cause and ensure that improvements are implemented to avoid a similar incident in the future. The recording concept is modular and an unlimited number of channels can be recorded simultaneously.  This recording solution assists investigatory work and is also of huge benefit to air traffic controllers, supervisors and management for training and quality improvement purposes. A more recently developed product, SmartOil, was developed as a customized recording solution. This records three audio and CCTV channels, allowing communication between helicopters, offshore platforms and vessels.

Jotron radio products            Jotron Ricochet recorder 

Radios for civil and military air traffic control

The Jotron 7000 series VHF Multimode Digital Radio, combines excellent RF performance in congested areas, with advanced digital signalling technique, to cover the future radio communication needs for civilian authorities. Totally controlled by an ultra fast digital signal processor, the radio is the ultimate choice for all professional ground to air communication. Features are easy control, no internal tuneable parts and improved reliability. The Jotron series 7000 UHF digital radios are designed to provide ground to air communication for professional users in the air defence frequency range. The radios provide excellent audio performance together with unmatched RF performance in tough electromagnetic environments. The Jotron 7000 series VHF Multimode Digital Radio come with a wide range of remote access control and monitoring systems. Jotron also offers compact versatile VHF AM mobile transceivers for use at ground services at airports.

Jotron Radios

Communication from coast to ship and other offshore installations

In addition to a full range of base station VHF and UHF radios, Jotron also offers a compact versatile VHF AM offshore transceiver. This radio suitable for all offshore installations and helidecks. Jotron’s offshore recorder solution for 3 audio and CCTV channels, is tailormade for communication between helicopters, offshore platforms and vessels.

System Coastal Radio

Jotron radio products              Jotron Ricochet recorder 



Emergency and last resort radios

In addition to a full range of base station radios, Jotron also offers a mobile versatile purpose VHF AM transceiver. The radio is designed for applications where remote control of the radio is not needed. These applications are ground services at airports, vehicle installation and portable emergency purposes.  The unique RF technology and components conforming this high-quality radio, utilize the battery capacity to a maximum. The control functions are easy, with background lighting in the LCD display and on the keyboard. The radios can also be set up via a PC. Other features are terminals for external loudspeaker and voice recording facilities.

TR-810VE Transceiver Vehicle Version
Any vehicle with 12 or 24VDC supply can accommodate the TR-810. The following items are included; microphone, interconnection cables, external loudspeaker, vehicle antenna and a 5 meter extension cable (between radio and OCP, to separate the radio and OCP if mounting elsewhere in the vehicle).

TR-810MP Transceiver Man Portable Version
TR-810MP Transceiver Man Portable Version is the portable version of the TR-810, where the radio with an antenna bracket is fitted into a carrying bag. The carrying bag has 2 pockets; one containing a charger and cable and the other a microphone. Battery capacity is 72Wh therefore, this radio will last 7.5 hours in 10% Tx/ 30% Rx/ and 60% idling duty cycle at 10W output power. Up to 9.5 hours can be achieved if output power is reduced to 2.5W.

VHF/FM portable radio Jotron

Jotron radio products

Other solutions


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