Jotron SBM provider – authorization guide

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How to become an authorized Jotron SBM provider

Basic requirements:

  • Document your quality system/routines and facilities
  • Invest in necessary equipment to perform SBM
  • Participate in Jotron’s SBM online training course(s)
  • Submit your SBM application

SBM authorization guide
Your local Jotron representative, in cooperation with Jotron support department will guide and assist in this application procedure. To become an authorized SBM provider and to be published on, Jotron must receive the below list of completed documentation:

  1. SBM application form. Please download Application form.
  2. Valid ISO and/or Class Society Certificate regarding servicing operation. If not available, customer must document servicing operation for Jotron AS to approve.
  3. Valid test equipment calibration certificates.
  4. Online learning certificate(s). Please see document SBM qualification for Jotron’s range of interactive learning courses.
  5. Photos of water tank.
  6. Photos of equipment needed to perform SBM (bracket, radio receiver, shielded box/room, tools etc.). Please see more information in document SBM tools.
  7. Photos of workshop facilities with antistatic equipment (like wristband and antistatic mat).

Jotron will verify the content when the above documentation is received. In case of missing information, you will be notified. When the application is approved, you will receive your SBM qualification certificate (validity of 2 years). Your company will also be listed as SBM provider on the Jotron website.