Tron TR30 GMDSS and maritime VHF radio with charger and rechargeable battery

Part Number: 87950

Jotron’s Tron TR30 GMDSS and Maritime VHF radio is an innovated “two-in-one” radio, which gives the user the opportunity to access both standard GMDSS simplex channels and full maritime duplex channels. In addition, the floating Tron TR30 GMDSS and Maritime VHF radio can be connected to an IP-67 speaker microphone or a headset with a PTT-module.

The small and compact two-positioning charger is easy to install and allows the user to access vital information on the display while charging. Every detail has been developed based on user functionality, both in an emergency situation (emergency battery) and in general on board communications (rechargeable battery). When connecting the emergency battery, the radio is automatically in preset emergency mode. Only emergency required features are accessible, thus reducing critical radio adjustment time for the user.
Batteries are located under under Spare parts.

  • Floating GMDSS and maritime VHF radio
  • Full duplex channels accessed with rechargeable battery
  • Preset emergency mode when connected to primary battery
  • Excellent microphone noise cancelling
  • Waterproof accessories
Dimension drawing Tron TR30 Download
Dimension drawing Tron TR30 with charger Download
25.07.23 Declaration Inventory of hazardous material 217 KB Download
14.04.23 Dangerous goods PSI Complete TR30 GMDSS and VHF Radio 217 KB Download
17.12.19 Dangerous goods UN 38.3 TSR TR 30 GMDSS and TR30 AIR 167 KB Download
04.01.22 Manual User manual 2 MB Download
09.04.18 Certificate Federal Communications Commission (FFC) 96 KB Download
09.04.18 Certificate FCB Technical acceptance 215 KB Download
13.12.23 Certificate MED-D (former version) 459 KB Download
03.02.20 Certificate EC Type Examination (RED) 284 KB Download
09.04.18 Certificate Certificado de Homologacao Brazil 166 KB Download
30.05.22 Certificate Type approval China Classification Society (CCS) 261 KB Download
09.12.22 Certificate Type approval Radio Regulations China 575 KB Download
28.06.23 Declaration Declaration of conformity (former version) 216 KB Download
01.04.22 Marketing material Product brochure 478 KB Download
06.05.23 Certificate MED-B (former version) 343 KB Download
04.07.18 Emergency instruction Emergency instruction Tron TR30 836 KB Download
08.10.19 Certificate Broadcasting and Communication Equipments Korea 321 KB Download
18.11.19 Certificate Equipment registration, UAE 56 KB Download
10.12.19 Dangerous goods UN 38.3 TSR LiPo 152 KB Download
14.04.23 Dangerous goods PSI Spare primary battery 209 KB Download
21.09.23 Dangerous goods PSI LiPo rechargeable battery 196 KB Download
03.05.22 Technical bulletin TB04-2022 Battery lifetime on GMDSS products 223 KB Download
19.03.21 PC software TronLink VHF 32 MB
22.11.21 Technical bulletin TB12 2021 Tron TR30 Labelling and antenna assembly 241 KB Download
01.01.23 Certificate MER-B 279 KB Download
01.01.23 Certificate MER-D 237 KB Download
07.08.23 Certificate Type approval Brazil (ANATEL) 581 KB Download
13.12.23 Certificate MED-D 292 KB Download
13.12.23 Certificate MED-B 530 KB Download
01.03.24 Declaration Declaration of conformity 226 KB Download
22.02.24 Manual In accordance with SOLAS 2024 and MSC. 515 (105) 2 MB Download
31.05.24 Technical bulletin TB04-2024 Tron TR30 GMDSS, firmware update, 4-digit channel numbers / new channel list 154 KB
31.05.24 Firmware Tron TR30 FW v.3.3.0 with 4-digit / new channel lists 60 KB