Part Number: 99930

Production of the TR20 GMDSS radio will be discontinued 1st of July 2017

The product is replaced by Tron TR30 GMDSS and Maritime VHF Radio.

Tron TR20 GMDSS last purchase opportunity: 1st of July 2017. All radios purchased between now and then will be delivered within the 31st of December 2017.

Jotron supplies the following spare parts:
• 80259 Tron TR20 without battery and antenna (until empty stock)
• 80364 Carrier case, neoprene, red or black (until empty stock))
• 80060 Lithium battery, Primary Emergency
• 80098 Test battery
• 80059 NiMH battery, 7.2V / 1500mAh
• 101305 Kit (antenna and wrist strap)
• 99920 RCH-20, dual slot rapid charger, 12 – 24 VDC. Includes: 80084 DC cable
• Different AC adaptors

Article numbers:
99930     Tron TR20 GMDSS
80060 Lithium battery/84101 Antenna/80083 Wrist strap
80078 User manual

99920     RCH-20, dual slot rapid charger, 12 – 24 VDC
Includes: 80084 DC cable
80080     AC adaptor for RCH-20, 220VAC, EU style
80081     AC adaptor for RCH-20, 220VAC, UK style
80082     AC adaptor for RCH-20, 110VAC, US style
97861     AC adaptor for RCH-20, 110VAC, EU style
80364    Carrier case, neoprene, red or black
99951     Carton for lithium battery to be mounted in the wall bracket

Spare parts:
80060    Emergency lithium battery, 5 years service life
80098    Test battery for Tron TR20 GMDSS
80059    NiMH battery, 7.2V / 1500mAh
101305  Kit (antenna and wrist strap)

23.02.18 Technical Bulletin TB09-2015 Battery lifetime on GMDSS products rev 5 638 KB Download
30.10.17 Technical Bulletin TB07-2011 Battery production date marking 308 KB Download
09.01.18 Declaration Inventory of Hazardous Material 243 KB Download
16.01.18 Dangerous Goods PSI TR20 GMDSS battery and TR20 GMDSS test battery 112 KB Download
16.01.18 Product Safety Information TR20 GMDSS VHF radio 112 KB Download
17.12.19 Dangerous Goods UN 38.3 TSR 157 KB Download
06.12.18 Software Available for certified Jotron dealers only 4 MB
17.11.18 Product Safety Information Rechargeable Batteries 417 KB Download
17.11.18 Dangerous Goods Energizer Batteries L91 PSDS 204 KB Download
20.11.18 Certificate MED-D-17051 65 KB Download
01.12.18 Manual User Manual 4 MB Download
17.06.19 Certificate MED-B-15201 160 KB Download
16.08.19 Certificate Declaration of Conformity 53 KB Download
22.03.18 Disposal Disposal of Jotron EPIRBs 275 KB Download