Tron ML-100 fixed red LED 5 candela

Part Number: 87487

The Tron ML-series has high intensity LEDs and is powered by 3 Alkaline D-sized battery cells. These marking lights can be activated through programming of:

• Light-intensity
• Synchronization (and master/slave)
• Daylight switch (with adjustable ambient light level for ON/OFF)

Tron ML-100: NATO Stock Number (SN) 6230251614313.
Tron ML-100 floater: NATO Stock Number (NSN) 2050251606877.

Tron ML-100 fixed red LED 5 candela – range of use:

The Tron ML-series is developed for marking of nets and long line fishing equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains and moorings, fish farms, oil cables and offshore installations.  Tron ML-100 fixed red LED 5 candela has a module-based construction, which makes this marking light user-friendly during any service and repair.

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