Tron AIS TR-8000 MkII Class A complete with GPS antenna

Part Number: 103660

Tron AIS TR-8000 MkII Class A complete with GPS antenna

Tron AIS TR-8000 MkII is an enhanced Automatic Identification System (AIS). It is designed for use on inland waterways and complies with new IEC requirements for Bridge Alert Management (BAM) and the latest AIS Class A standards. Tron AIS TR-8000 MkII has a separate display and transceiver unit, both with a compact design for simple installation.


  • Complies with new requirements for BAM (IEC 62923-1:201, IEC 62923-2:2018)
    and the latest AIS standard (IEC 61993-2:2018)
  • Approved for inland waterway installations
  • FCC, MED and MER compliant and approved by ANATEL
  • 7’’ high-resolution touch screen, IP54
  • Dual display
  • External interface cables are connected inside transponder unit
  • Simple installation and easy retrofit

Standard supply:

  • Transponder unit
  • Display unit
  • Mounting bracket, display unit
  • Locking ring, mounting bracket
  • Curled knob, mounting bracket
  • GPS Antenna, type: SANAV SA-200
  • GPS antenna stainless stand
  • Cable, 5 m patch RJ45 waterproof
  • Quick reference guide
  • Power cable, display unit
  • Screwdriver to unlock terminals

Optional supply

  • VHF antenna
  • Pilot cable for TR-8000 display
Tron AIS TR 8000 display module Download
13.12.23 Declaration Declaration of conformity 176 KB Download
14.06.23 Certificate MED-B 334 KB Download
13.12.23 Certificate MED-D 292 KB Download
04.07.23 Marketing material Product brochure 848 KB Download
17.09.21 Guide Inland AIS quick guide German/English 126 KB Download
02.05.22 Guide Hurtigguide, norsk (Norwegian) 719 KB Download
02.05.22 Guide Quick reference guide, English 712 KB Download
15.09.21 Manual Operator and installation manual, English 16 MB Download
15.09.21 Manual Inland-Handbuch, German 9 MB Download
15.09.21 Manual Inland user manual, English 10 MB Download
18.01.22 Technical bulletin TB02-2022 Tron AIS TR-8000 compatibility (mkI vs mkII) 173 KB Download
30.05.22 Certificate Type approval China Classification Society (CCS) 253 KB Download
25.07.23 Declaration Inventory of hazardous material 213 KB Download
18.10.22 PC software TR-8000 MKII Secondary Display software 6 MB
01.01.23 Certificate MER-B 268 KB Download
01.01.23 Certificate MER-D 237 KB Download
03.02.23 Technical bulletin TB01-2023 Tron TR-8000 hardware and firmware compatibility (mkI vs mkII) 198 KB Download
27.02.23 Firmware Transponder 01.02.06 and Display 01.02.09, common firmware for MkI and MkII 2 MB
10.08.23 Certificate Type approval Brazil (ANATEL) 282 KB Download
10.07.24 Certificate Inland Type Approval 616 KB Download