Tron AIS TR-8000 complete IMO package

Part Number: 88410P

Jotron AS hereby inform that the current Tron AIS TR-8000 Class A transponder will no longer be commercially available from 01. Sep.2021 due to changes in the product standard IEC 61993-2. As a replacement to the Tron AIS TR-8000, Jotron is proud to announce the release of our new Tron AIS TR-8000 MK II which fully comply to the new and latest version of the IEC 61993-2 Ed.3: 2018.

Tron AIS TR-8000 complete IMO package including 86853 Antenna SANAV SA-200 GPS82484 Antenna Procom CXL 2-1LW/H 0 dBd and 86870 Pilot cable for TR-8000 display.

AIS systems offer automatic swap of navigational information on ship’s movements to predict dangerous situations.

Tron AIS TR-8000 complete IMO package:

  • Separate display and transponder unit
  • 7″ touch screen display
  • Software upgradable
  • Compact design for easy installation
  • Console or desktop mounting
  • Combined junction-box/transponder
  • Display rated to IP54 + Extended temperature (IEC 60945)
  • Transponder rated to IP56, + Exposed (IEC 60945)
  • Easy ECDIS interface
  • Collision alarms (tCPA, CPA)
Tron AIS TR-8000 Transponder Unit Download
Tron AIS TR-8000 Display Module Download
20.09.17 Technical bulletin TB04-2015 Check firmware version 385 KB Download
05.02.21 Declaration Inventory of hazardous material 212 KB Download
24.01.18 Certificate Certificado de Homologacao Brazil ANATEL Ulstein 582 KB Download
01.03.21 Declaration Declaration of conformity 136 KB Download
24.01.18 Certificate Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 53 KB Download
03.09.19 Certificate MED-B 237 KB Download
09.10.18 Certificate Type approval China Classification Society (CSS) 530 KB Download
02.10.20 Marketing material Product brochure 211 KB Download
24.01.18 Manual In Norwegian: Hurtigguide 905 KB Download
13.03.23 Manual Operator and installation manual 17 MB Download
24.01.18 Manual Quick reference guide 2 MB Download
04.12.20 Firmware Available for certified Jotron dealers only 2 MB
22.11.18 PC software Available for certified Jotron dealers only 7 MB
16.11.18 Manual Technical manual 2 MB Download
13.03.23 Certificate MED-D-17051 198 KB Download
24.01.20 Technical bulletin TB05-2019 Tron AIS TR 8000 Reset issue 329 KB Download
16.10.20 Service bulletin SB03-2020 Tron TR8000 Firmware ugrade transponder 123 KB
17.12.20 Technical bulletin TB09-2020 Tron AIS TR-8000 Pilot plug issue 150 KB
18.01.22 Technical bulletin TB02-2022 Tron AIS TR-8000 compatibility (mkI vs mkII) 173 KB Download
04.02.22 Notice End of life notice 135 KB Download
03.02.23 Technical bulletin TB01-2023 Tron TR-8000 hardware and firmware compatibility (mkI vs mkII) 198 KB Download