Tron 60GPS EPIRB with float-free bracket

Part Number: 83330

Tron 60GPS with float-free bracket has a small and compact handheld size. Tron 60GPS is totally sealed and has 5 year warranty. This EPIRB  has optimal visibility with a high-intensity LED located at the top of the antenna. Tron 60GPS with float-free bracket is a Category 1 EPIRB (Cat. I).

  • Antenna mounted LED for increased visibility
  • Integrated GPS ensures accurate positioning
  • Compatible with MEOSAR
  • 7 year battery life
  • 5 year warranty

85621 FB-60 Float-free bracket with protective cover (also available as spare part)
85525 User manual

99897 Programming of EPIRB

Dimension drawing Tron 60GPS Download
Dimension drawing FB-60 Bracket Download
03.05.22 Technical bulletin TB04-2022 Battery lifetime on GMDSS products 223 KB Download
06.01.18 Certificate Cospas Sarsat 804 KB Download
10.01.20 Certificate Product authorization Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 83 KB Download
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06.12.19 Certificate Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) 238 KB Download
16.01.19 Certificate Type approval, Ministery of Transport Russian Federation 663 KB Download
30.05.22 Certificate Type approval China Classification Society (CCS) 258 KB Download
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