Tron 45S/SX

Part Number: 97796 / 97800

Not sold after 31.12.2012

Alternative product: Tron 60AIS

Last Time Buy and End of Life notification, Tron 45SX battery.

Jotron AS ended the production of the Tron 45SX battery, part number 97770, 1st of August 2018.

To replace the Tron 45SX battery, Jotron encourage customers to purchase Tron 60GPS.
For further information, please contact your sales representative or Jotron Support.
23.06.22 Product safety information 45SX Battery 211 KB Download
16.01.18 Declaration Transport declaration 604 KB Download
09.04.18 Notice End of life and last time buy Tron 45SX Battery 293 KB Download
24.10.18 Disposal Disassemble, disconnect and recycle 223 KB Download
22.03.18 Disposal Disposal of Jotron EPIRBs 275 KB Download
18.01.19 Manual User manual 4 MB Download