Tron 40VDR Capsule with bracket

Part Number: 87940

Tron 40VDR Float-free capsule is a combined Cospas-Sarsat and MED approved EPIRB and a float free storage medium. The separate VDR storage module contains a standardized memory capacity at 64Gb. Available with float-free heating bracket.

Complies to the latest VDR performance standards IMO MSC.333 (90) and IEC61996-1 Ed.2.

99897 Programming of EPIRB

Dimension drawing Tron 40VDR Download
10.02.21 Technical bulletin TB02-2021 Battery lifetime on GMDSS products 593 KB Download
30.10.17 Technical bulletin TB01-2015 Tron 40VDR Mounting rev 1 733 KB Download
30.10.17 Technical bulletin TB07-2014 Tron 40VDR Secure and seal switch 540 KB Download
30.10.17 Technical bulletin TB06-2014 Tron 40VDR Fitting lanyard 587 KB Download
05.02.21 Declaration Inventory of hazardous material Tron 40VDR and FB-40 Float-free bracket 210 KB Download
18.02.21 Dangerous goods PSI 40VDR 187 KB Download
18.08.20 Dangerous goods UN 38.3 TSR 40VDR and spare battery 257 KB Download
08.10.21 Declaration Declaration of conformity 118 KB Download
03.07.19 Certificate COSPAS SARSAT Type approval 211 KB Download
10.01.20 Certificate Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 83 KB Download
17.09.21 Certificate MED-B 16251 123 KB Download
08.10.21 Certificate MED-D 17051 198 KB Download
17.01.18 Certificate United State Coast Guard (USCG) 91 KB Download
19.03.21 Manual User manual 2 MB Download
02.10.20 Marketing material Product brochure 193 KB Download
18.02.21 Dangerous goods PSI Lower battery module, SBM-kit 186 KB Download
24.10.18 Disposal Disassemble, disconnect and recycle 723 KB Download
17.11.18 Product safety information SAFT Battery information sheet 607 KB Download
03.07.19 Certificate COSPAS SARSAT TAC report (no. 185) 84 KB Download
03.07.19 Certificate COSPAS SARSAT TAC report (no. 318) 82 KB Download
17.09.19 Technical bulletin TB04-2019 Tron 40VDR used as main EPIRB 422 KB Download
31.10.19 Data sheet FBH-40 Bracket 557 KB Download
06.07.20 Technical bulletin TB01-2020 Wrist strap on Jotron EPIRBs 273 KB Download
13.08.20 Technical bulletin TB02-2020 Requirements when exchanging battery 244 KB Download
05.11.20 Technical bulletin TB06-2020 EPIRB programming important information 496 KB Download
Accessories and spare parts are handled by the VDR system manufacturers directly. Certain product parts might require configuration prior to installation. These manufacturers and their certified partners must preform all service and maintenance on the Tron 40VDR.

For additional information, please contact your VDR system manufacturer or your Area Sales Manager at Jotron.