Tron 40VDR AIS with heating bracket

Part Number: 103190

The Tron 40VDR AIS with heating bracket is a combined Cospas-Sarsat/MED approved EPIRB and a float-free storage medium. The separate VDR storage module has a standardized memory capacity of 80 Gb. Compliant with the mandatory IMO regulation (as of July 2022) and SOLAS regulation. MED, MER (UK), FCC and IC approved.


  • Approved in accordance with the latest EPIRB standard
  • AIS homing technology included for faster localization
  • Prepared for RLS through Galileo GNSS
  • IR LED light for night vision devices and assisted SAR
  • 80 GB SSD memory disk

An infrared light emitting diode (IR LED) is incorporated. This IR LED allows the use of night vision, which better assists SAR operations that occur at night or in the dark.

The Tron 40VDR AIS can be used with the Galileo Return Link System, Europe’s Global Navigation Satellite System (operational since January 2020).

This EPIRB been tested for operational and performance requirements in accordance with the international standard, IEC 61097-2 Ed.4 (April 2021).

Dimension drawing Tron 40VDR AIS Download
05.09.22 Marketing material Product brochure 275 KB Download
12.05.22 Manual User manual 4 MB Download
30.03.22 Dangerous goods UN 38.3 Test summary report 276 KB Download
08.09.22 Dangerous goods PSI Tron 40VDR AIS 188 KB Download
03.05.22 Technical bulletin TB04-2022 Battery lifetime on GMDSS products 223 KB Download
24.06.22 Technical bulletin TB06-2022 Bracket upgrade to fit Tron 40VDR AIS 337 KB Download
21.06.22 Certificate Federal Communications Commission (FCC) EPIRB 182 KB Download
21.06.22 Certificate Federal Communications Commission (FCC) AIS-homing 163 KB Download
21.06.22 Certificate Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Assessment 118 KB Download
19.08.22 Declaration Declaration of conformity 184 KB Download
15.08.22 Certificate MED-B 607 KB Download
15.08.22 Certificate MER-B (UK) 613 KB Download
19.08.22 Certificate MED-D 268 KB Download
22.08.22 Declaration Inventory of hazardous material 212 KB Download
15.09.22 Certificate IC Canada 96 KB Download