Part Number: 83050

Tron 40S MkII is a float free EPIRB. Tron 40S MkII complies with IMO/SOLAS/GMDSS regulations and is MED and FCC approved.

• 5 year warranty
• Fits existing brackets
• State of the art technology
• Improved flash visibility
• Incorporated into Jotron recycle program

82819 User manual

99897 Programming of EPIRB

Dimension drawing Tron 40S MkII Download
23.02.18 Technical bulletin TB09-2015 Battery lifetime on GMDSS products 638 KB Download
30.10.17 Technical bulletin TB04-2014 How to replace lanyard 527 KB Download
30.10.17 Service bulletin SB01-2013 UV deterioration of Tron 40S MkII lanyard in FB-4 bracket (Available for certified dealers) 373 KB
30.10.17 Service bulletin SB01-2013 UV svekkelse av snor paa Tron 40S MkII med FB-4 (Available for certified dealers) 397 KB
30.10.17 Technical bulletin TB07-2011 Battery production date marking 308 KB Download
30.10.17 Technical bulletin TB06-2011 Tron 40S and Tron 40 MkII FB-4 expiry date 281 KB Download
25.09.19 Declaration Inventory of hazardous material 230 KB Download
16.01.18 Dangerous goods PSI Tron 40S MkII 112 KB Download
26.08.20 Declaration Declaration of conformity 116 KB Download
03.04.18 Certificate Type approval Russian River Register (RRR) 482 KB Download
12.01.21 Marketing material Product brochure 270 KB Download
09.10.18 Certificate Type approval China Classification Society (CCS) 565 KB Download
24.10.18 Disposal Disassemble, disconnect and recycle 335 KB Download
17.11.18 Product safety information SAFT Battery information sheet 607 KB Download
10.12.19 Dangerous goods UN 38.3 TSR 149 KB Download
13.07.20 Certificate MED-D-17051 204 KB Download
29.10.20 Certificate MED-B-16511R1 150 KB Download
15.01.19 Manual User manual 1 MB Download
23.01.19 Certificate Certificado De Homologacao Brazil Eurosul 231 KB Download
23.01.19 Certificate Certificado De Homologacao Brazil ANATEL Ulstein 300 KB Download
23.01.20 Certificate Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) 1 MB Download
02.04.19 Certificate Type approval Ministery of Transport Russian Federation 660 KB Download
23.01.19 Certificate Type approval Ukraine 1 MB Download
23.01.19 Certificate Type approval Korea 2 MB Download
23.01.19 Certificate Certificate of Compliance Canada (IC) 61 KB Download
23.01.19 Certificate COSPAS SARSAT 141 KB Download
23.01.19 Certificate Grant of product authorization Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 232 KB Download
23.01.19 Certificate United State Coast Guard (USCG) 318 KB Download
15.05.19 Certificate Type Approval China (CMIIT) 143 KB Download
13.08.20 Technical bulletin TB02-2020 Requirements when exchanging battery 244 KB Download
05.11.20 Technical bulletin TB06-2020 EPIRB programming important information 496 KB Download