TR-910 Man Portable Radio

Part Number: 103400MP

Jotron TR-910 Multipurpose VHF Airband Radio is a light-weight, robust and portable multipurpose transceiver. It can be vehicle mounted or set in a desktop or carried in a bag. You can use it as a last resort radio, in an airport utility vehicle or even as the main radio in e.g. helidecks and other areas where portability is a key factor.


• ETSI EN 300 676 compliant
• VoIP according to ED-137
• SNMP v3 support
• Voice recorder output
• Supports VCS and remote control and monitoring
• 118-137/144 MHz frequency range
• Superior RF capabilities

TR-910 Man Portable Radio

This is a portable version of the TR-910LR, where the radio with an antenna and bracket is fitted into a carrying bag. The carrying bag has two pockets; one containing a charger and a cable and the other a microphone. It is ideal for use as a last resort if the tower is unavailable or in remote areas without the infrastructure of common airports.

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