TR-810 LR Transceiver Last Resort version

Part Number: 83200LR

The product is replaced by Tron TR-910

A last resort radio is similar to a desktop radio, but contains a Lithium Ion battery pack supplying the radio with DC voltage if AC power fails. The battery status is monitored on the battery pack or on the TR-810 display. Battery capacity is 72Wh therefore, this radio will last 7.5 hours in 10% Tx/ 30% Rx/ and 60% idling duty cycle at 10W output power. Up to 9.5 hours can be achieved if output power is reduced to 2.5W.

TR-810 LR Transceiver Last Resort Version includes: 83200 TR-810 Transceiver Base Unit and a package of 86418 TR-810 LR Accessories, which contains microphone, battery backup, power AC/DC with connector, 220V AC cable with plugs, antenna adaptor BNC, console bracket, fasten bracket, support knob and manual. These accessories can also be purchased separately.

• ETSI and FCC approvals
• 10W output when used as vehicle installation or desktop mount
• Wide DC input voltage (10 to 28V)
• Fast recall of 3 preset channels
• A visually pleasing OLED display
• Detachable front panel
• Built-in loudspeaker (optional external loudspeaker)
• Multiple microphone input connections
• Voice recorder output
• External battery unit with battery indicator
• Several mounting options
• 25kHz/8.33kHz channel separation

Radio performance:
– EN 300 676 V1.3.1:
– EN 301 489-1 V 1.5.1 : EMC for radio equipment
– EN 301 489-22 V 1.3.1 : Specific conditions VHF aeronautical equipment
– IEC 60945: Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment.
– Part 87 and RSS 141
– According to EN/IEC 60950
Vibration and shock:
– EN 300-019-2-2 : Transportation
– EN 300-019-2-5 : for ground Vehicle installations,
– EN 300-019-2-7 : for Portable and non-stationary use

Basically all remote products can be used with all Jotron radios with a few exceptions. The mobile radio, TR-810 cannot be connected to the remote products. The 3000/4000 series UHF radio can be used together with ORC and DRC provided that you use a 60/15 pin adapter that has RS-485 signals available on the 15 pin side.
Enter Radio Ctrl and scroll down to Channel Setup. There is a choice for 25kHz step - make sure this is Off so that also 8.33kHz channels can be set.
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Part Number: 86418 TR-810 LR Accessories
Includes microphone, battery backup, power AC/DC with connector, 220V AC cable with plugs, antenna adaptor BNC, console bracket, fasten bracket, support knob and manual.
Part Number: 91794 Antenna CXL3-1LW for maritime applications
Part Number: 97898 Coax Cable RG-213, 30 meters
Part Number: 98244 N-connector for RG-213 coax cable
Part Number: 82908 N-connector for 1/2″ flammable retardant cable
Part Number: 80322 Antenna Lightning Protector
Part Number: 80592 RG-214 Coax Cable, per meter
Part Number: 86273 RG-214 N-male Connector
Part Number: 85558 External Loudspeaker
Part Number: 87130 BU-872 Battery Backup
Part Number: 82768T Front Module (OCP)
Part Number: 82769T Transceiver Module
Part Number: 81339 Microphone, handheld with bracket
Part Number: 97976 Antenna Whip for car applications
Part Number: 84329 Cable DC with fuse
Part Number: 84330 Power AC/DC with connector
Part Number: 85636 Carry Bag
Part Number: 84545 DC/DC Converter with separation