TR-7750UWB UHF Wideband Transceiver

Part Number: 81366C

The Military Wideband 7000-series is based on the state-of-the-art 7000-series Jotron radios. The operation and functionality of this equipment is similar:

– Excellent RF-performance in congested areas
– Ultra-fast advanced digital signal processing (DSP)
– Easy setup and control

For more information about our Military Wideband 7000-series radio, please contact Jotron.

This Military Wideband Transceiver has upgraded hardware and firmware. The IF and audio paths have been modified to handle larger bandwidths and separate wideband audio inputs and outputs have been introduced. In addition, new data codecs have been developed for efficient, secure and reliable transfer of encrypted Vinson voice data over IP.

29.04.23 Declaration Declaration of conformity 164 KB Download