TA-7650U UHF AM Digital Transmitter 50W

Part Number: 86400C

The TA-7650U UHF AM Digital Transmitter is designed to give a minimum of unwanted noise and spurious products. Delivered standard with AM capabilities, it can also be delivered with FM as an option.

  • Multi/single channel UHF AM transmitter in 19” sub-rack
  • 3U high
  • 99 channels fast recall store
  • AM voice
  • 25 kHz spacing in the band 225-400 MHz.
  • LAN, RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface, full digital control and diagnostics
  • Operates from AC mains with auto fail to 24V DC
  • Subrack is not included
29.04.23 Declaration Declaration of Conformity PSU 7006-7009 147 KB Download
Part Number: 86268 Spare part module
Part Number: 89001 PSU-7008
Part Number: 89002 PSU-7009