TA-7650C Maritime VHF Transmitter

Part Number: 84555C

The  TA 7650C transmitter unit weights only 3.0 kg, and needs an  additional power supply which weights 1.3 kg. The transmitter is designed for continuous duty cycle.  This makes the radio the perfect choice for messaging systems that requires high duty cycle. The unique cooling concept used on the transmitter keeps the temperature low and the  operational lifetime of the equipment high. The TA 7650C transmitter uses the most powerful digital  signal processors to perform the intermediate frequency (IF)  and the audio frequency (AF) filtering.

The transmitter has programmable inband frequency and detection level for keying. No residual inband tones will be present in the final RF signal. Keying options in the transmitter includes positive and negative voltages (up to 50V), keying to ground and phantom keying on the audio line. In addition, the key options include in-band tone signalling (both ways: ptt and squelch) with configurable tones and levels for easy integration with the VCS  system.

29.04.23 Declaration Declaration of Conformity PSU 7006-7009 147 KB Download