Synch-Master Tron ML-100 design 4.5VDC

Part Number: 87466

Synch-Master Tron ML-100 design 4.5VDC for use with the Tron ML-series (multi-purpose marking lights).

This Tron ML -100 synchronisation master (4.5VDC) is long distance dedicated. Range or use: Marking of fishing equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains and moorings, fish farms, oil cables and offshore installations, as well as several military applications.

Syncronization master current drain @ 4.5 VDC = 20 mA.
Expected operation with ML-100 battery 3 x 1.5 VDC D-sized battery cells = 32 days.
Expected operation with ML-200 battery-pack (X-91585) = 225 days.

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