SmartOil – recording for AUDIO and CCTV

Ricochet is Jotron’s world leading synchronised record and replay system within the Air Traffic Control (ATC) and marine markets. Jotron was the first company to offer a recording solution exclusively developed for small onshore and offshore ATC operations and communication between helicopters, offshore platforms and vessels. SmartOil records up to 8 analogue audio channels, 22 digital audio channels via VoIP (ED-137) and 3 CCTV cameras (up to 60 audio channels and 6 CCTV can be achieved by using 2 servers). The recorder allows an operator to install, operate, maintain and replay all recorded data.

The NORSOK T-101 compliant system offers instant synchronous replay access and integrated replay and data management. Replay of one or more channels is done by a simple click.

Ricochet SmartOil is tested, verified and integrates easily with TR-7750 and TR-810/910 Jotron radios. At least 31 days of recorded data can be accessed online.

  • VoIP according to ED-137
  • NORSOK T-101 compliant
  • Follows ICAO regulations
  • Proven and reliable
  • Easy to install and use
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