RRC-7700 Radio Remote Controller scalable solution

Part Number: 110048C

Jotron RRC-7700 is the fourth generation radio remote controller and contains a VoIP solution which features numerous scalability, flexibility and installation options. A large RRC-7700 system requires a VoIP server. The VoIP server concentrates the VoIP streams (reducing bandwidth), and has advanced functionality such as dynamic delay compensation, voting and climax offset operation. This RRC-7700 system can operate several radios from different locations at the airport. The system is based on a robust WAN/LAN designed for high speed network traffic, and Jotron provides radios, remote control clients and servers that take full advantage of these network features.

A smaller system with a few radios and controller positions can control radios directly over an IP network: RRC-7700 Radio Remote Controller stand-alone solution. Jotron has combined the RRC-7700 Radio Remote Controller system modules into several different mounting arrangements: JRRC-105, JRRC-106, JRRC-107JRRC-108 and the compact RRC-client JCU.

RRC-7700 Radio Remote Controller scalable solution:

  • VoIP according to ED-137C
  • Touch-screen
  • Security hardened
  • Highly scalable
  • Cost-effective
  • Areas of application:
    – Medium and large airports
    – Emergency systems
    – Last resort solutions
    – Portable shelters
    – Ports
    – Towers
No, the RRC can only be used with a VoIP controlled radio (TR-77xx, TR-77xxC and TR-77xxU).
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