RRC 7700 Remote Radio Control Scalable Solution

Part Number: 100048C

Jotron RRC 7700 is the fourth generation Remote Radio Controller and contains a  VoIP solution  which features numerous scalability, flexibility and installation options. The RRC 7700 can control radios directly over an IP network, for a small system with a few radios and controller positions. A larger system requires a VoIP server. The VoIP server will concentrate the VoIP streams (reducing bandwidth), and is able to perform advanced functionality such as dynamic delay compensation, voting and climax offset operation.

The RRC 7700 uses the protocols described in ED137C for voice operation and control, specifically developed to perform advanced remote operation over the IP interface of the Jotron series 7000 radios and radio gateways. The remote control is not limited to  Jotron radios, but is able to control any radio that supports ED137C, volume 1 for voice operation and ED137C, volume 5  for supervision / remote control. The RRC 7700 is produced based on a computer hardware specifically tuned for advanced voice operation. The operating system is a limited version of Linux, and the application is designed with safety in mind for operation in safety critical environments. The remote control used together with a Jotron radio can be configured for a oneway latency (Microphone to TX output, RX input to earpiece) of less than 25 ms, excluding any network delay. This is possible through Jotron’s innovative software solutions, and full control of the hardware at the endpoints. The system will automatically handle missed VoIP packets and VoIP packets out of order, using advanced packet loss concealment. This will minimize the impact of missed packets, making them practically unnoticeable for less than 2% packet loss. By using the multicast functionality that is defined for receivers in the ED137C specification, the system can be configured for minimal bandwidth utilization.

  • Cost effective solution
  • Flexible system
  • Areas of application:
    – Small and medium sized airports
    – Emergency systems
    – Last resort solutions
    – Portable shelters
    – Ports
    – Towers
No, the RRC can only be used with a VoIP controlled radio (TR-77xx, TR-77xxC and TR-77xxU).
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