RACIF-8 Module / RACIF-8 Module kit with low profile bracket

Part Number: 80889 / 80890

RACIF-8 Ricochet Audio Converter Interface 8 channels

Ricochet Audio Converter Interface 8 channels (RACIF-8) is an acquisition module for analogue input signals. The purpose of this module is to adapt and isolate line input signals before sending them to a recorder. RACIF-8 is a Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) card that can be inserted into the expansion port on a server or a Ricochet Audio Converter (RAC). The RAC is an expansion module that can host up to 15 RACIF-8 cards. The PCIe add-on card fits into a 2U sub rack or server and is available in two profile types; standard and low. The RACIF-8 card supports 8 analogue input lines. RACIF-8 cards adapt and isolate a signal, then convert it into VoIP and make the data available on an Ethernet connection. There is a system indicator on the RACIF-8 card bracket. Depending on the audio lines and card status, the indicator will flash red or green. The card features a dry relay contact which supports normally open and normally closed looping, indicating the alarm status of an external alarm or watchdog circuitry.

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