RAC Ricochet Audio Converter

Part Number: 89500

When it comes to recording many audio signals simultaneously, nothing beats Jotron’s Ricochet Audio Converter (RAC). This is an expansion unit for the Ricochet Audio Converter Interfaces, RETIF, RACIF & RACIF-8. These interfaces are PCI express add-in cards that convert 16 or 8 audio lines and outputs the audio as VoIP according to ED-137. RETIF is the Jotron E1/T1 interface using two cards in daisy chain to handle a full 32 line trunk. RACIF is an analogue audio interface. The RAC module can host up to 15 add-in cards, which makes it possible to convert no less than 240 audio lines, from different sources, at the same time.  And if that is not enough, it’s possible to add more RAC’s to create very large systems.

RAC Ricochet Audio Converter:

  • Convert up to 240 lines per unit
  • Highly Scalable
  • Excellent Perceived Voice Quality
  • Dual Power Capability (DC Optional)
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