RA-7203U UHF AM Digital Receiver

Part Number: 86200C

The RA-7203U UHF AM Digital Receiver uses the most powerful digital signal processors to perform the intermediate frequency (IF) and the audio frequency (AF) filtering. In addition, all the modulation and demodulation tasks are performed in the signal processor. This means improved product control, less tunable parts and improved reliability.


The RA-7203U UHF AM Digital Receiver maintains its good sensitivity even when strong locally generated signals are present on neighbour channels. Delivered standard with AM capabilities, it can also be delivered with FM as an option.

  • Multi/single channel UHF/AM receiver in 19” sub-rack
  • 3U high
  • 99 channels fast recall store
  • AM voice
  • 25 kHz spacing in the band 225 -400MHz.
  • LAN, RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface, full digital control and diagnostics
  • Operates from AC mains with auto fail to 24V DC
  • Sub rack is not included
Part Number: 86244 Spare part module