PRU-50 Programmer

Part Number: 86024

PRU-50 is a USB powered programmer which can be used to program Jotron’s:

• Handheld VHF (Tron TR20)
• ML-series of lights

Technically, this unit converts signals from virtual COM ports on a computer (through a USB-serial adapter built into PRU-50) into infrared light which is used to communicate with EPIRBs or programmable lights. This means that software only supporting legacy Serial ports on computers also will function with this programmer.

EPIRB programming/coding software released: TronLink-EPIRB

31 May 2019 – Jotron’s re-designed EPIRB programming software is released. This software will make it easier to program the Jotron range of EPIRBs. It is designed to be highly user friendly making it easy to code Jotron EPIRB’s in a streamlined fashion, with less chance of errors than in older PR40 software.

06.12.18 Software PR40 EPIRB (Available for certified dealers) 9 MB
26.06.19 Software TronLink-EPIRB (Available for certified dealers) 24 MB
31.05.19 News bulletin New EPIRB Programming SW 438 KB Download
26.06.19 Notice Tron 40VDR Capsule and new C/S 545 KB Download
06.04.20 Declaration Declaration of Conformity 37 KB Download
17.09.19 Technical bulletin C S approval (TAC) 359 KB Download
17.09.19 Technical bulletin Tron 40VDR used as main EPIRB 422 KB Download