PAV-100 VHF 100W Carrier Power Amplifier

Part Number: 82067

Jotron’s high performance power amplifiers are designed to operate together with the Jotron ATC radios VHF / UHF 7000-series. The units are designed to meet all the stringent requirement from the civil aviation professionals in the world.

Also available in 200W: PAV 200 VHF 200W Carrier Power Amplifier


In certain applications, under special conditions, it might be necessary to increase the RF output power, for long range communication. For this purpose, Jotron has developed its own range of VHF and UHF Power Amplifiers. Utilizing state-of-the art technology, the amplifiers are designed with internal gain loop, providing a very low distortion and excellent gain flatness over the whole operating frequency range. Temperature controlled fan for lower noise figures and increased lifetime operation. Also containing internal bypass relays for main/stand-by and transceiver set-up, the amplifiers have internal auto switch to back-up power in case of power failure.

In case of failure, the cause will be displayed on the front panel or on the Jotron remote control and monitoring system RCMS. Fully microprocessor controlled, the amplifiers can be controlled via the front panel and the alphanumeric display, as well as remotely via RS-232 or RS-485 serial interface. Built in rugged light alloy chassis, the amplifiers comply to ICAO and NATO standards.

ICAO compliant, microprocessor controlled, with local and remote control facilities. Internal gain loop, very low distortion and excellent gain flatness. Temperature controlled fan for lower noise and longer life cycle. Internal by-pass relay. Auto switch from AC to DC power. Rugged light alloy chassis. Size: 19″-3U.

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