ORC Operators Remote Control

Part Number: 92656

The Operators Remote Control (ORC) unit lets the operator select between preset frequencies on one or more radio units. The frequencies are stored in the radios and it shows the current operating frequencies. By using the up and down buttons on the unit’s front panel, up to 30 preset channels can be recalled. Four different radios can be controlled at the same time, typically these are one main and one standby transmitter plus one main and one standby receiver, i.e. four radios operating at the same frequency.

A text string can be “attached” to each frequency, enabling a simple and rapid selection. A keyboard consisting of three push buttons: Scroll up, Scroll down, and Select enhances easy operation. The ORC unit is connected to the radio unit(s) by a RS-485 serial line.

Basically all remote products can be used with all Jotron radios with a few exceptions. The mobile radio, TR-810 can not be connected to the remote products. The 3000/4000 series UHF radiocan be used together with ORC and DRC provided that you use a 60/15 pin adapter that has RS-485 signals available on the 15 pin side.
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