JRRC-106 Radio Remote Controller

Part Number: 101432

The RRC-7700 Radio Remote Controll system modules are a display unit (JDU), microphone interface (JMI), speakers (JSP) and handsets. Jotron has combined these modules into several different mounting arrangements: JRRC-105, JRRC-106, JRRC-107 and JRRC-108.
JRRC-106 is a very handy implementation of main / backup radio. The backup unit is wired to a dedicated radio. JRRC-106 fits into a standard 19” rack, or may be mounted in a desk or other furniture. The integrated VoIP telephone interface supports all SIP-compliant units.
  • Ergonomically handsets
  • Inputs for microphone (JMI-111/103)
  • Separate adjustment of volume for   each handset
  • 19” Front plate


29.04.23 Declaration Declaration of conformity 128 KB Download