Speaker panel 1U JSP-112AW

Part Number: 103363

The JSP-112AW is a rack-mountable speaker panel with watchdog for use with the Ricochet recording system. Standard 19” width and only 1U height for placement in a desk or in a 19” rack.


  • Built-in soundcard
  • Integrated power
  • Integrated watchdog
  • Only 1U height

The speaker unit has a built-in sound card and watchdog, so the only connection needed to the server is the USB connection. The unit operates on USB power only, making the installation very simple.

The unit has a built-in stereo amplifier and compact speakers. For higher quality sound it is possible to connect a headset on the front panel or external active speakers on the rear panel. The built-in speakers will mute if a headset or external speakers are connected. The unit also has a USB input for connecting e.g. a keyboard or mouse.

Dry contacts are available for indication of “Alert” and “Alarm” on the rear panel. The signals are available on a standard RJ45 connector.

02.12.22 Declaration Declaration of conformity 116 KB Download