ACU3 Antenna Changeover Unit

Part Number: 101192

A main/standby antenna relay

If an error occurs in the main unit, the ACU3 switches the antenna from the main unit to the standby unit. The ACU3 can be fastened to a DIN rail with clips or mounted to the wall of a subrack.

Also available: ACU Antenna Changeover Unit


Operating modes

The unit can operate in different modes. Mode selection is done by using the DIP switch located on the board inside the unit. There are two distinct modes of operation:

  • Key controlled mode – the ACU will select the transmitter that is keyed and stay there until the other transmitter is keyed.
  • Alarm controlled mode – the ACU3 relay is controlled by the alarm state of the transmitters.

Each mode has different options that can be enabled or disabled.

The original ACU can handle up to 200W on the RF ports and is designed for sub rack mounting (3U).
ACU2 is a smaller device designed for DIN rail mounting and will accept a maximum of 50W on the RF ports.
ACU3 is similar to the ACU2, but is designed to handle antenna switchover in a VoIP controlled radio system.
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