ACU Antenna Changeover Unit

Part Number: 81860

The Jotron Antenna Changeover Unit can be used in several applications, either as external main/stby radio switch or a main/stby antenna switch. The unit is 14 TE wide and is mounted in a 19’’ sub-rack (can room ex. 6 units). Jotron Antenna Changeover Unit is basically a RF relay with control circuit, interface and internal power supply.

Also available: ACU3 Antenna Changeover Unit

The RF relay has three connectors (common, NC (main) and NO (stby)). The unit can be hot wired to the alarm outputs from the radios, or controlled from a remote control unit. For maximum flexibility the input signals are optocouplers that covers a large voltage range. In addition, the control logic can be inverted. The unit’s several outputs can be used for monitoring the current status or controlling external units.


The original ACU can handle up to 200W on the RF ports and is designed for sub rack mounting (3U).
ACU2 is a smaller device designed for DIN rail mounting and will accept a maximum of 50W on the RF ports.
ACU3 is similar to the ACU2, but is designed to handle antenna switchover in a VoIP controlled radio system.
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