Jotron has completed a comprehensive system upgrade at Orly International Airport

Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, delivered an extensive recording and replay solution to Orly International Airport in Paris. Last year, Jotron and the Direction des Services de la navigation aérienne (DSNA) signed a contract encompassing a significant upgrade and installation of Jotron Ricochet recorder system for the airport’s audio channels, screens and at-the-glass radar data.

19 June 2024 – Orly International Airport is the busiest French airport for domestic traffic and the second busiest overall in passenger traffic in the country. As Paris gears up to host the 2024 Olympic Games this summer, preparations are underway to accommodate the anticipated surge of air traffic at the capital’s local airports.

DSNA, the agency responsible for air traffic control, communication and information in France, plays a pivotal role in managing the nation’s airspace. The Jotron Ricochet Recorder, tailored to meet the rigorous demands of global ATC environments, has been operational at the airport since 2006. In February, this year, Orly International Airport underwent a significant upgrade of its entire recording and replay system to enhance the reliability of ATC operations and support air traffic controllers in their daily duties.

Kjetil Visnes Gjone, Project Manager, ATC and Coastal, Jotron, expresses, “Jotron is committed to safety communications for air traffic control. Collaborating with DSNA has been a rewarding experience, and we take pride in contributing to their unwavering dedication to ATC safety in France.”

For more information, please contact Jotron, tel: +47 3313 9700.

About Direction des Services de la navigation aérienne
DSNA is the agency in charge of air traffic control, communication and information for France. The agency is a part of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and was created by decree in February 2005.