Only MSC.471(101) compliant EPIRBs can be placed on board a UK flagged vessel

Jotron is the leading manufacturer of AIS EPIRBs and currently the only manufacturer of IMO compliant EPIRBs and VDR capsules able to supply AIS EPIRBs to the UK market

21 November 2022 – In addition, the new range of Jotron AIS EPIRBs has received the ‘Red Ensign’ conformity assessment approval mark. Again, Jotron is at the forefront of the market, leading its partners and customers in meeting mandatory requirements long before the required implementation date of 1st January 2023.

To clarify, an important difference between the European MED Implementing Regulation (EU)2022/1157 and the Merchant Shipping Regulations MSN 1874 Amendment 6, we remind you of the following:

– The European MED Implementing Regulation (EU)2022/1157 has been extended, the date for the ‘Last Placed on board’ (LPOB) is the 1st of July 2023.

– In the UK, the Merchant Shipping Regulations MSN 1874 Amendment 6, published in June, imposed an earlier LPOB date of the 30th of June 2022 for EPIRBs compliant with the superseded standard.

Therefore, as per the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, only EPIRBs that are IMO Resolution MSC.471(101) compliant can be placed on board a UK flagged vessel.

NOTE: IMO Resolution MSC.471(101) includes the addition of an integral GNSS receiver, an AIS locating transmitter, a light visible to night vision devices and a Return Link Service to confirm the distress signal has been received. All these functions greatly improve the ability to find distressed individuals quicker, ultimately saving more lives.

“We are pleased to have the required approvals in place. This allows us to offer an AIS EPIRB product range that specifically meets the markets needs ahead of schedule,” says Paul Shaw Managing Director Jotron UK.

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