New wrist strap on Jotron EPIRBs

Jotron is happy to introduce their new integrated wrist strap for hands-free transportation of EPIRBs during an emergency evacuation.

New wrist strap for carrying 40VDR and Tron 60S/GPS in an emergency evacuation

As a market leader, Jotron has never compromised on safety and therefore proudly includes as standard on the popular Tron 60S/GPS EPIRBs and on the universally adopted Tron 40VDR Capsule – the new integrated wrist strap for hands-free transportation during an emergency evacuation.

Trust Jotron to keep you ahead!
The wrist strap is part of the new and already implemented RTCM standard and will eventually be mandatory for all new EPIRBs under the proposed IEC 61097-2 ed.4 changes, due to be implemented in July 2022.

Download technical bullentin under the relevant GMDSS’ product page. If you have any questions related to this bulletin, please contact your local Jotron sales representative.

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) requirements for EPIRBs in the USA following the introduction in Jan 2020 of the Radio Technical Commission for Maritime Services (RTCM) 11000.3 standard.