New Jotron app for EPIRB programming is launched!

New Jotron app for EPIRB programming has been launched today!

This new app – Jotron EPIRB – is launched into Google Play. Jotron EPIRB is a tool for configuring the Jotron Tron AIS EPIRBs (Tron 40AIS, Tron 40VDR AIS and Tron 60AIS – it also allows readback of already programmed beacons). A separate license is required for full programming functionality. This license is granted to Jotron customers who have completed the Jotron’s Tron AIS EPIRB course (part no. 200017).

Please follow link: Jotron EPIRB – Apps on Google Play. Programming tool for Tron AIS EPIRBs.