Jotron strobe lights deliver optimal quality from the bottom of the sea

Jotron is well known for its complete range of safety products for the commercial shipping market. The Jotron product portfolio includes a range of excellent quality marking lights and a personal strobe light. These lights are composed of high intensity LED technology and are used in a multitude of applications globally.

2nd November, 2020 – The Tron ML-series marking lights are fully programmable. The AQ-4 MkII is a multi-purpose marking and distress strobe light, waterproof to 500 meters making it a favorable choice among divers. Experienced Norwegian divers use both these Jotron lights during their dives to the German war ship Blücher. Blücher sank in the Oslo fjord in 1940 and was designated as a war memorial in 2016. All diving activities to the Blücher require special permission granted by the Norwegian Maritime Museum. The divers confirm that the Tron ML-100 is installed at a depth of 90 meters and has been there for over three years. This light is used to mark the hatchway at the bottom of the ship. After three years of frequent use the battery was, for the first time changed last week.

Images (left to right): At 80 meters where the AQ-4MkII lights are hung to confirm a complete group when surfacing. The Tron ML-100 marking light is permanently installed at 90 meters. The Tron ML-100 that was brought to the surface for a battery change. The light is now as good as new and ready for re-installation.

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