Today Jotron reveals – A future Jotron

November 27, 2019

After an intense and exciting process, we are pleased with what will be our new company image.

“The existing Jotron globe is an image that our employees, partners and customers recognize globally. However, we need to update our profile and image to fit to new surfaces and future demands. We have chosen a new direction that we feel is a fresher more modern version, while maintaining our traditional unique culture. Together with our new slogan we present – A future Jotron” –  Merete Berdal, Managing Director, Jotron – Norway

Over the course of the next month Jotron will set a process in motion to change out the current logo with the future logo. However, the official changeover will be effective January 1, 2020.

Jotron is ready for 2020!    LOGO DOWNLOAD JPG