New and improved heating bracket for the Tron 40S MkII EPIRB

The only available heating bracket on the market!

Jotron is pleased to announce that the FBH-42, a new heating bracket has been released. It is specially designed for use with the Tron 40S MkII emergency position-indicating radio beacon (EPIRB) in low temperature environments.

21st January 2021 – The new FBH-42 is an enhanced heating bracket developed to offer optimized protection for temperature challenging conditions. Due to the increased number of vessels operating within the polar regions an extended temperature range is required. This new heating bracket meets the safety equipment needs for use in all low temperature environments.

 The FBH-42 heating bracket can be purchased as a complete system together with the Tron 40S MkII. It may also be purchased separately as a spare part to upgrade vessels that already have a Tron 40S MkII installed onboard. For information regarding pricing, please contact your local sales representative.

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