Our commitment to lithium battery safety

This is how we are committed to our employees, partners and end-users:

Lithium batteries have transformed many of our products. We acknowledge the power of these batteries and understand the potential risks and dangers. We prioritize safety in all we do, and the handling, storage and usage of dangerous goods is no different. All our lithium-powered products are delivered with the necessary dangerous goods documentation, upholding the highest security standards for your peace of mind. All our employees that either prepare the documents or package the goods have attended specific handling of dangerous goods training. Training is repeated every two years, and everyone must pass the IATA certified exam for handling shipments containing lithium batteries. Relevant documents are continuously updated and available for download under each product on our website.

We deliver safe and reliable power and transport of our devices, ensuring you a safe journey!

How to use your lithium battery devices responsibly and safely

How do we follow safety regulations and testing for lithium batteries?