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New Maritime & Energy Division Product Catalogue

Nov. 24 | Click Downloads button on top of the page or follow link. Read more

Jotron emergency equipment across the Pacific Ocean on balsa rafts

Nov. 23 | Jotron AS is a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety. Jotron equipment will contribute to safety on the two balsa rafts sailing from Peru to the Easter Island. On board the rafts of this 10 000 kilometers voyage of exploration, science and survival, otherwise known as the Kon-Tiki2 expedition, Jotron EPIRBs, GMDSS handheld VHF radios and AIS SARTs, and AISs Class A will aid in ensuring vital communications if an emergency situation should arise. Jotron has also supplied high intensity marking lights and strobe lights for the entire crew. Read more

Jotron USA - 60th annual ATCA conference & Customer cocktail party

Nov. 20 | Jotron USA attended the 60th annual ATCA conference in Washington, DC from 1-4 Nov.

On the 3rd Nov Jotron hosted an event where 40 of the 50 invited guests attend a cocktail party at the Public House National Harbour. The event offered Hauk, Ivan and Øivind R. the opportunity to network with current and potential customers. All in all a good conference and successful social event. Read more

News in Norwegian: Read about Jotron at

Nov. 18 | Ny gigant-kontrakt for Jotron kan gi flere arbeidsplasser

For ett år siden signerte Jotron en kontrakt på leveranse av radio og recorder-utstyr til forsvaret i England. Nå har Jotron signert en ny avtale med britene. Igjen er størrelsen på 250 millioner kroner, men denne gang gjelder avtalen vedlikehold. Read more

Over the next 22 years, Jotron shall provide support to the UK Ministry of Defence

Nov. 17 | Jotron AS is a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety. The company supplies technology to Aquila, who last year signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence. Aquila is in charge of the total delivery to the UK Ministry's Marshall Program which will modernize the control of the UK aviation. Jotron supplies the program's radio equipment and recorders. Read more


Read about Jotron UK in Chronicle Live: Northumbria Police officer preparing for epic rowing expedition has vital piece of boat stolen

Nov. 13 | Jotron steps in to help Sean McGuigan who is set to row 3,000 miles from the Canary Islands to Antigua to raise cash for charity.

Sean said: "It's amazing of Jotron to step up like this and give us a brand new EPIRB. If it hadn't been for this then our whole campaign could have been in danger." Read more

Jotron SMART-OIL recording system - enhancing air traffic control safety for the offshore market

Nov. 11 | Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, recently launched a new recording system designed for offshore helicopter traffic. The SMART-OIL system includes recording of audio and CCTV operations. Originally developed for offshore audio and CCTV recording requirements in Brazil, SMART-OIL is now offered to countries worldwide. Read more

Jotron in Norwegian-Russian Chamber of Commerce Journal

Nov. 09 | The firm Jotron, situated in the two cities Larvik and Horten, is one of several high-tech Norwegian companies represented at NEVA exhibition, just outside St. Petersburg. As several Norwegian firms in high-tech and marine sector, Jotron does not sell its products on the Norwegian market, but around the world. For the firm it is a necessity continuously to meet new customers at venues like the NEVA exhibition.

"Last year we had total sales of about 50 million dollars. 80% was exported out of Norway. The Russian market is, although not very big, important for us. We expect to increase in the years ahead," says Rolf Andreas Wallin, Director for Sales & Marketing at Jotron AS. Read more

News in Norwegian: Les om Jotron i Jotron-sjef til nasjonal finale for vekstskapere

Nov. 04 | Merete Stavik Berdal fra Jotron er klar for den nasjonale finalen i konkurransen EY Entrepreneur Of The Year. I EYs Region Sør, som omfatter Vestfold, Telemark, Aust- og Vest-Agder, ble i år kandidater fra 342 selskaper vurdert.

"Norge trenger folk som dette for å skape et levedyktig og lønnsomt arbeidsliv. Med EY Entrepreneur Of The Year ønsker vi å fremheve disse hverdagsheltene som er med på å skape arbeidsplasser og resultater for regionen. Våre entreprenører går foran som gode eksempler ved å tørre å satse og kaste seg ut i det ukjente," sier Anders Roll-Matthiesen, ansvarlig for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year i Region Sør. Read more

Jotron celebrates one year of operation since launch of the world's first float free VDR capsule

Oct. 06 | Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, introduced the world's first float free voyage data recorder - Tron 40VDR Float Free Capsule - at the SMM exhibition in Germany last year. Today, the product celebrates one year of market success. Read more
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